Join UC Berkeley's Rideshare Community 

Traveling down the coast for the holidays, or heading to an upcoming music festival? Share your road trip with other UC Berkeley students on the Flok app - split the travel costs, skip the Greyhound, and maybe even meet some awesome people along the way. 

Or, go directly to the Berkeley rideshare community of the Flok app here.


Flok Rideshare is the friend with wheels, or the friend with gas money, that you always wished you had.

DRIVERS: If you have extra seats in your car for an upcoming road trip, post your ride in the app to meet other students heading the same way as you. You get to decide where and when you're driving, and your trip contributions from your passengers (aka $$$) will be automatically deposited into your bank account when the trip completes.

PASSENGERS: Instead of booking an expensive train or plane, browse through the available rides from other students who are already driving the same way that you need to head. You'll share the cost of the trip with the driver and any other passengers who join - meaning the more people in the car, the cheaper it is! Link your credit card and your driver will be paid at the end of the trip (and you can skip the bank machine). 


Approximate trip costs 

(range depends on exact distance, Driver's selected price point, and total number of passengers)

  • Rideshare Berkeley to LA: Drivers will receive approximately $20-$65 per passenger, each way

  • Rideshare Berkeley to San Diego: Drivers will receive approximately $30-$85 per passenger, each way

  • Rideshare Berkeley to Las Vegas: Drivers will $35-$100 per passenger, each way

Learn more  | | 1.800.368.3565

Become a UC Berkeley Rideshare Ambassador!

We are currently looking for Brand Ambassadors to join our Berkeley team! If you're a big fan of ridesharing, want to be part of an exciting team of passionate students, and don't mind a little extra cash on the side, we'd love to hear from you.  Fill out this quick form and we'll be in touch to tell you more.


  • Get paid $12 for every new user you recruit
  • Get paid an additional $300 for every other Brand Ambassador you recruit to our team
  • Flexible working hours - work whenever and however works best for you
  • Opportunity to partake in campus promotional events for additional hourly wage
  • Gain valuable marketing & business development experience working with Flok HQ, your Berkeley Campus Manager, and fellow Brand Ambassadors 


Contact the Campus Manager directly at